My Writings

Current WIP’s:

My current writing focus is  a YA Christian Dystopian Trilogy. The first book, Sparrow Singing, clocks in at about 80k. This idea has gone through a lot, since its conception in December of 2013, and since I wrote in in NaNo of 2014. Currently it’s in the third draft, and I’m editing through beta reader comments. I hope to have another round of betas in March! 🙂

Want to know more? Here are they first two books’ blurbs. Book three, Ember Burning, is currently a 90k hot mess after NaNo.


Sparrow SingingSparrow isn’t her real name, but she doesn’t really have one.

It’s either her assigned number, the stage name she was branded with, or the childhood nickname given to her by her best friend.
In a school training up the nation’s next pop stars, she discovers something that was thought to have been stamped out years ago. It would shake the core of this realm built upon sand, free the people dying far from the core, and tear down the social division.
But to survive, you must thrive. You must have a voice, good looks, and musical talent, and it all must be perfect. If utter perfection isn’t reached, you’re thrown into the outer core, where people are aren’t heard from again.
When time comes, will Sparrow be able to sing?


If you are interested in beta reading Sparrow Singing, send me a message on the contact page and I can give you some more info!

The second book in the series, my other WIP, is called Truth Remaining. It clocks in at about 75k, and it’s in the early stages of it’s second draft. Frankly, it’s a hot mess from NaNoWriMo 2015.


 Thea is comfortable where she’s at. Mostly.Truth Remaining

She successfully made it through childhood. Sure, she wasn’t chosen for the institute, but she was for the cleaners. She proved herself trustworthy, and ended up on top of the ladder. Finally passing age ten, she’s promoted to a respectable, government job. Prison cleaning.
Until one day, things become different. There’s a new prisoner, a test one, she’s told. And Thea has been promoted to rehabilitation of this test prisoner, assisting him back into the regular workforce. But it isn’t assisting him to work in the factories, or any other normal job in the main sector. No, it’s returning to fields she was born in, and living back around the people she grew up with…

That means facing the truth she let hurt her so deeply, a truth she abandoned as a lie years ago.

Currently Abandoned:

As much as I would love to work bunches of plots all at the same time, I can’t. It would be interesting trying to juggle four separate plots (three of which are a trilogy but it’s a different kinda of trilogy) and make sure that they were well structured and didn’t contain plot holes.

But it would just be that: interesting. They probably wouldn’t fall in other necessary categories like: readable, plausible, or finished…not to mention I’d probably be a train wreck.

So, with a solemn face, I introduce my poor little YA Historical Fiction, Escape. These characters are near and dear to my heart, but it’s just not the right time for them to take over. Escape is about 50k. Besides a little bit of sentence tweaking and a shiny new ending,  it’s still just how I left it at NaNoWriMo 2013.


Escape a return to freedom

The year is 1835, and Sarah Connor has just been sold away from her family.
Thrown into an entire different plantation from one she had been the last seven years of her life at, she has trouble adjusting to her new workload. Never before had Sarah seen this far into the grime of Slavery. But from the Big House, an unusual escape presents itself to her.

Here is where I should insert my other abandoned works, like my werewolf contemporary-fantasy series from 2011. But here is where I’m also being prudent.

As much as I like to think how a wonderful it is, and what an interesting plot it has with shocking twists and turns and lovable twins separated at the age of two and then reunited… it’s not. It’s probably lame, and I cringe reading it now. But I still love it. It was the first book I’d ever completed, and helped to push and grow me to where I am now.

It also gave me the courage to kill…

…Kill fictional characters that is, not real people.

Killing real people isn’t nice, you know. It’s also illegal.