The Editing Journey: Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016

The Editing Journey, Thoughts

((This post is brought to you by many Merida GIF’s, because I felt like it. Absolutely no reason. ))

TEJ Update july 2016

This past July was my first time seriously competing in Camp NaNoWriMo. I’d like to say I won, but I didn’t.

My goal was to add 8k to my WIP, Sparrow Singing. It was around 67k, and it really needs to be closer to 75k, and that’s the minimum. I only wrote 5k.

movie pixar frustrated facepalm brave

So during July, I did another read through in order to add-on more words. It went shockingly well, but now that I’m finished with said read through (I finished reading through a few days AFTER NaNo. Hence the no winning XP) I’m kind of ambling about.

I have a nice list of things to go back and add or chance, like deepening and introducing themes earlier, changing names, etc, but I don’t want to do them. I’m feeling flat-out lazy about it. It’s so much easier to just plow through chapter after chapter in order instead of tweaking individual elements that are scattered all over the story.

BUT I WILL SURVIVE. That’s why I’m writing this Editing Journey post. It’s part of the survival process.
So00 I’m going to make a short list of accomplishments, and have you join in the conversation about your Camp NaNo experience, or any writing you did in you were more successful than I was 😉

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1. Added 5,107 words to my manuscript.

That puts me at around 72,521! It’s not what I wanted, but it’s better than nothing. Trying to find places that need beefing up while simultaneously ripping out stupid stuff that was left behind from the last Draft Two read through isn’t easy. But I wrote one or two new scenes that expanded on my story world.

So yay?

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2. ‘Added,’ more chapters.

Okay, so this is a little bit of a cheat. I actually didn’t add chapters as in brand new words. It was more like splitting up tremendously long (think 4k-6k word) chapters into more bite sized pieces. I went from about fifteen chapters to twenty-two.

They also have FABULOUS (I’m being sarcastic) names like “Okay,” and “Skinny Trees,” or maybe, “Lunchroom,” and “Health Exams.”

Oh, and we can’t forget the chapter I named Destruction. 😉

brave merida how to train your dragon hiccup how to train your dragon 2

3. I kept writing.

My numbers may be slim, my chapter titles may be tacky, but I kept going. I consistently wrote (not every single day, but just about) and consistently worked on betting my story.

Not I just need to get back into the groove of doing it again, because since I finished that read through, I’ve done almost nothing. *sigh*

SO TELL ME. How was your Camp experience? free internet S’mores to you, whether you won or lost!

Were you working on a new story, or editing an old? What’s it about? Let me know in the comments below!



The Editing Journey: May and June Editing Stuff

The Editing Journey, Writing

This is the second post in my “Editing Journey” series. There is no need to go back and read previous posts for this one to make sense. They will all probably be a combination of trying to figure out what to do next, some flailing, and perhaps some actual editing in between.

TEJ Update June 2016

Things have been happening with my WIP this month. For now I’ll just be referring to it as my WIP because let’s face it (again) “The Sparrow Who Couldn’t Sing,” is a really winded title. I’m currently tossing up different names. sooo.

Anyhow, I mentioned have been happening with my WIP.  And they have, even if I feel like I haven’t done anything. Actually, this month, I’ve done quite a lot of things.

So here’s a list because lists look, sound, and feel accomplished:


I finished another read through at the beginning of June, and took a break to go to a relative’s house for a while. It was hard saying to myself, “NO you cannot bring your laptop.” But I survived.

sad peanuts lonely linus grief

I felt like this at the beginning of the month.

When I got back, my birthday arrived, and then more June stuff happened. So my break kind of got extended? That was fine, though, because during my break I….


I know it sounds funny and not very productive, but I needed it. While on break I sent it to a friend who had been asking to read it since 2014. It helped me to step back and breath. Plus, she got back to me in a week with some positive feedback.

I really just needed to know it wasn’t as terrible as I thought.

Plus she said she stayed up until 3am reading it.

movies les miserables samantha barks eponine




My WIP is not alone. No, it is the first of TWO sisters! Book 1 was written during NaNo14, book 2 was written during NaNo15 (still un-edited… although I did remove all the typos in May. It only took the entire month…?) and God willing, I’ll write Book 3 this year during NaNo. I’ve been toying with plots and happenings for book three all year… things like a downfall because of Pizza, semi insane/just surviving scenes, concentration camps in the Mojave desert… oh yeah. Should be good.


Once I got my WIP back and stopped day dreaming about November, I made a list of edits that need to happen. It’s things like, “Dai- OVERHAUL. Add scenes w/ him, create level personality…” or “Sidonia- needs purpose! Goals!” and “Sparrow- Internal Voice (more frequent,) External voice (consistent)”

I’m currently focusing on that last one. Going strong?

harry potter ron weasley



I went to one of my most favorite places in the world this week, and for my studio (it’s an arts camp) I chose Creative Writing. That meant spending 14 hours in one week with six amazing fellow teen writers just brainstorming, planning, plotting and creating new worlds. Not only did we split the sun, but we reopened Alcatraz, made Pangaea happen,etc.

Our Instructor Lauren was such a godly, genuine woman, not to mention an amazing writer herself. She read my prologue and pointed out so many changes I could make I feel like It’s already stronger.

She also gave me a better focus. By noticing that I was overwhelmed with all the possible edits I could be making, she told me to pick one thing and just do that one thing. I no longer feel like this:

pokemon pokegraphic magika orange islands slowly getting back into making more s

So right now, I’m working on Sparrow’s voice, which is basically making my manuscript less wordy and trying to find the spots where I could make it a lot longer. I’m at 67k right now, and I need to be at around 75k.



So much editing is happening now. I’ve gone through my prologue, chapter one and now I’m in chapter two! *yay*

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Tell me, how is your writing coming along? Are you editing, gearing up for the July Camp NaNo, or something else? Is anything standing in the way of your and your WIP?