1/6 of my Goals Completed.

Art, Thoughts

What? Three weeks into the new year? That’s crazy.¬† I couldn’t have already completed a goal. I must be lying.

I’m not, actually. As difficult as this month has been life wise (and writing, stress, art and everything wise) I have completed one of my goals…

Last week I officially “started,” my youtube channel. With this video.

(of course, you followers who have been with me since around last may will notice I have another vide posted before it. That’s the Q&A that I posted for my one year blogaversary…. o-o so this wasn’t really much of a “oh wow I completed¬†my goal!!” lol)

Now, I’m still not sure how often Ill be posting. This semester, however, is shaping up to be not quite as busy as the last (a blessing and a curse) So I’m hoping to continue blogging once a week, and then possibly putting out a video every other week? Maybe I’ll go back and forth between video and post. This is my senior year, after all. I have a job… finding scholarships online and applying for them. *sweat gif*

I also just posted this video, my first studio vlog, if looking at my sketchbook isn’t your cup of tea.

anyway, I hope you enjoy. This goal isn’t technically goal. Starting a youtube also means… continuing to post on youtube.

That’s the general idea, anyway.

Have you ever started a youtube/made videos? What videos would you be interested in seeing from me in the future?