Beta Reading

The time has come. Again.

Sparrow Singing

“To survive, you must thrive.” Lyric has always added something to that mindset: “stay inside the lines, and you’ll be just fine.”
After she, the disposal child, passed through into the Institute, a school training up the nation’s next pop stars, everyone’s had the same goal. Survive and thrive. Finish the Phases. Pass into the Core. Fulfill their shared life-long goal of making music to entertain others. Live in a paradise of their own making.
But when her best friend Peyton convinces her to leave the schools walls for an evening, things change. They discover a crumbling building filled with a different reality than they thought possible. Now that truth is up in the air, is she supposed to pursue the life she’s always lived, or the life she’s supposed to live?
Their numbers are dissipating, and the Final Performance is looming. When the time comes, will Sparrow be able to sing?

Hello friends! If you’re here you’re probably at least a little interested in Sparrow Singing, the first book in my “Cost of Truth,” Trilogy. Well, if you are in fact interested, the day has come again that I need beta readers.

If you’re not quite sure what beta reading means, but would love to find out, Brianna Da Silva wrote a lovely bit on what it means to beta read.

(To summarize, if basically means you get to read an early version of a manuscript. A complete one, yes, but not a completely polished one. You get to read and give feedback to help me further polish things up, and make it a better story over-all. )

I need a group of brave and excited readers to provide me with their thoughts on the story.  To be more clear, I need your thoughts on the story, it’s characters, consistency, believability, etc, etc. Basically anything that you as a reader would have liked to have changed or made better before the book was published.


What will you be doing?

I’ll send you the story via Google docs, where you can leave comments on the sidebar as you are reading (if you’d like. it’s helpful and quite fun.) Then when you’re finished, I’ll have a sheet of questions for you to answer. (not a ton, around 10-15)

If Google docs isn’t your thing, I’m flexible with other formats! I can send you a .doc or pdf file instead.

The Timeline for you to read it by? I will send it the first week of April, and would like to have feedback by Mid-June.

How long is it? 85k which is shorter than the Hunger Games for example.

The Genre? It’s YA Christian Dystopian. (Elevator pitch? It’s basically The Voice meets the Hunger Games meets Christianity)

What if I start reading it and end up hating it?! Totally fine. I understand that not everyone will like it… I mean, I don’t like every book I read. You can just stop reading, but please let me know. Even better if you could explain why you didn’t like it but… no pressure. XD

If you have any questions, please comment below or tweet me @jenecawrites.Thank you all so much for your time and consideration, I sincerely appreciate it.

Internet cookies for everyone. 😉

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I put this out as a disclosure. This is a YA book and yes, is a ‘Christian’ book with a redemptive story line, but there are a few scenes that take place in a club, and one character is an alcoholic. There are also several veiled references sleeping around and to birth-control. Just a fore-warning, if you don’t like any of those things in your reading.